Support & Services

Downtime is not an option, consider it fixed.

With almost 25 years in business and over 20 years serving Leaside community, our services are based on referral and recommendation of the same customers, happy again.

Support and Services:

  • We've been building custom PCs for almost 25 years and can design a machine to your exact needs or specifications.
  • Office PCs with dual hard drives securing your data.
  • High-end graphic capabilities for CAD, DCC, or graphic designer.
  • Small or big PCs for family rooms.
  • Powerful Gaming PCs with Overclocking and advanced cooling system.
  • Rack mount and Pedestal Servers for company data.
  • Entry level PCs for tight budgets and more.
  • Budget gaming PCs.
  • Our quick respond to your network and help desk needs, and services ranging from trouble shooting Home and small business computer issues to Corporate IT consultants.
  • Office PCs with dual hard drives securing your data.
  • Complete network installations for home, businesses and corporations.
  • Troubleshooting, diagnose, resolve computer hardware and software issues.
  • Network troubleshooting and repair.
  • Wireless and Internet access setup with files and printer sharing.
  • Dropped down or stepped on laptop.
  • Laptop with water or liquid spilled on
  • Laptop Which runs slow, loops and freezes.
  • Overheating and shutting down.
  • Loose power connector or broken.
  • When your computer end up at a blue screen of death and reboot.
  • When your laptop has problem with video and has quirky motherboard.
  • Laptop has a dim screen or no display.
  • We offer professional grade data recovery for consumers and businesses, often for hundreds to thousands of dollars less than our competition.
  • Hard drives, including failing, failed, and undetected drives.
  • Solid State and Flash Media, including physically damaged USB Drives, SD and CF cards.
  • Scratched CD and DVD Media.
  • External storage devices.
  • Business storage media, including RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 recovery over multiple hard drives, SCSI included.
  • When your computer running slower than it used to? Perhaps you have unwanted pop-ups appearing on your screen?
  • We back-up your data before attempting a removal or scan.
  • We scan your data on our data backup system.
  • Run a test on your computer hard disk drive.
  • Clean operating system re-installation.
  • We install a free edition of antivirus.
  • Remove even the nastiest of dangerous virus without OS re-installation.
  • You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by letting us to setup and customise your new computer with all your new and old software and data on it for ready to use.
  • Setup your all new desktop, laptop or any new Mac.
  • Set up your old or new printer.
  • Transfer all your data from your old computer to new.
  • Transfer all your data and emails from PC to Mac and vice versa.
  • Even we can do setup at your place or office with training too.
  • By clean re-installation of your operating system, We guarantee that your computer will be faster than the first time you bought.
  • Data back up and re-installation of your operating systems is required at least once every two years.
  • Clean upgrade installation of operating system for PC and Mac.
  • We configure all component drivers along with all operating system updates.
  • Free installation of anti virus.
  • Replacement of any component in your desktop, laptop and all mac computers.
  • Diagnose and resolve computerhardware and software issues.
  • Tune Up and Cleaning(Preventative Maintenance).
  • Memory and hard drive upgrade
  • Repaire and replacement of any mainboard or logic board
  • Clean reload of windows or operating system.
  • Components setup and all software updates.